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Our Tree Trimming Service is a necessity for the well being of your trees health, its beauty and to maintain the safety of your property. Tree Trimming consists of natural shaping, branch trimming, crown reduction and sometimes tree removals are needed. Tree Trimming Near Me Over 35 Years! Pruning really is science infused with art, the ability to see a trees individual components while simultaneously seeing the canopy as a whole. Our field supervisors monitor each job site and can communicate the necessary trimming to our climbers. Without proper maintenance, trees could have branches rubbing together, creating entry points for pests or disease pathogens.

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Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

tree removal and stump grinding

Our Tree Removal 100% satisfaction guarantee should have you feeling comfortable because we only bring out the best project managers and tree trimmers in Southern California. We have the experience and the capabilities to do it right the first time, YOU are our top priority. Our job isn’t done until your satisfied! Removing these trees provides an opportunity to replant the site with young, vigorous trees that can make a positive contribution to the landscape and environment. This service can be complicated, takes time but the value is rewarding to your business / residential property.  We are the one’s that constantly stand behind our service, again and again!

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Emergency Tree Services 24/7 – Immediate Response

emergency tree services

Supreme Tree Experts offers an emergency solutions team available for any immediate tree care need 24/7.  We are enticed into ensuring the most prestige tree pruning experience for our customers, while at the same time creating a safe  and suitable environment. Damage usually consists of limbs or trees falling during high winds, lighting or heavy rains. Fast growing trees with brittle wood are among some of the trees that are easily damaged during winter storms. Another factor that may contribute to storm damage is the neglect to take care of trees before the winter season initiates. When trees aren’t routinely taken care of they retain foliage and become heavy, causing severe damage during harsh conditions. We are the one’s that constantly stand behind our service, again and again!

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Palm Tree Skinning

palm tree skinning

Palm Tree Trimming is a staple tree services for Supreme Tree Experts. Maybe you need Palm Tree Skinning? Perhaps even Palm Tree Removal? Whatever your needs may be from Palm Tree Maintenance to understanding Palm Tree Care, we can enhance the beauty of your trees and help maintain a safe residential or commercial property. Southern California’s most iconic and recognizable tree is the classic silhouette of a palm tree. Most are indigenous to very hot or tropical climates and can be trimmed any time of the year. We do not use spikes when palm tree trimming to prevent trunk injury and unsightly spike marks which will never heal and is considered bad practice for reputable companies. We do tree trimming right!

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