As summer gets a hold of the state and the county, drying all the vegetation from a rainy winter, and in the midst of a pandemic, homeowners all over Southern California now must start thinking about protecting their homes from the next danger on the list: fire season. 

The National Interagency Fire Center predicts this year’s fire season in Southern California to be above average in October due to strong Santa Ana winds, but even if it were a regular fire season, California requires homeowners to clear out weeds, brush, and trim trees 100 feet around properties in the state, especially in high-risk areas between urban and wilderness areas.


Hire a Tree Service to comply with California weed abatement regulations. 

How each county and city compels residents to create their 100 feet of “defensible space” around homes, is up to them. Twice a year, Orange County uses the Weed Abatement program to send notices to property owners who have not cleared out vegetation. 

The program is meant to reduce the potential fire hazard and save both homes and lives, by demanding owners clear flammable vegetation or any other “combustible material”, like litter, as well as trimming the height of trees and shrubs. Areas within 10 feet of roads or highways shall be cleared as well, although 50 feet is recommended.

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If homeowners do not comply with the notice, then the county and cities can penalize them by clearing the vegetation and combustible materials themselves but will charge the property owners the cost of the work, plus administrative fees that can be as much as $1,000. 

A special area of trouble for many homeowners is trees and shrubs. Not all of them are required to be bulldozed or uprooted. Some can’t be without the proper permits. In many cases, the requirements for your area might only demand height maintenance and simple trimming instead of just doing away with all vegetation. 

The Weed Abatement program and other similar brush-clearing laws around the state have helped prevent costly damage and lives lost, even as wildfires have gotten worse and more common in California due to climate change. 

Tree services companies like Supreme Tree Experts can help you avoid all this hassle, by making it easy to request estimates and a quick booking service online. They also work with local fire authorities constantly to know exactly what type of dangers are near your home and how to handle them. 

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