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Commercial ServicesOur Commercial Tree Care Service Guarantee at Supreme Tree Experts is to increase the beauty of your property by providing the best quality work in your area. Our Customer service is very important and we continuously strive to meet and exceed service expectations of every commercial property.

Commercial Tree Trimming is a necessity for the well being of your tree’s health, its beauty and to maintain the safety of your facility. Tree trimming consists of natural shaping, branch trimming, crown reduction and removals. Pruning really is science infused with art, the ability to see a trees individual components while simultaneously seeing the canopy as a whole. Our field supervisors monitor each job site and can communicate the necessary trimming to our climbers. Without proper maintenance, trees could have branches rubbing together, creating entry points for pests or disease pathogens.

Our tree trimming standards include sterilizing our equipment after each tree, when working with Canary Island Palms. This is to make ensure we do not translocate potential diseases from one tree to another. We do not use spikes when climbing trees which damage and cause unsightly marks on the trunks. These puncture wounds can allow infections into the tree, eventually leading to potential death of the tree. Our office can schedule your automatic appointments through your personalized Seasonal Tree Management Program and relieve you of the stress of having to remember when your next appointment is scheduled.

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Trees are a huge part of a property’s landscape and can account for 20% of your local property’s value. Commercial Tree Care Service is no easy task, and can be dangerous. Many large commercial and property management companies depend on tree care service companies to help with the maintenance of their landscape. Keeping the trees on a property nicely pruned and shrubs shaped is an important task to maintain, as it will increase the value of the trees. Supreme Tree Experts’ Certified Arborists manage and care for a property’s trees and specialize in identifying customers’ liabilities, regardless of the size of the property.

Our team of specialized Arborist can help accommodate your needs and create a management plan or bid that best fits your budget and specific property. Supreme Tree Experts’ Certified Arborists will work with you and your board to ensure that your trees are safe, healthy, and maintain the highest possible value. We believe in a proactive approach to tree care and maintenance that helps to reduce liability and future problems.