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Orange & Los Angeles Counties boast some of the most impressive residential estates in all of California. 35+ years of experience in the local market makes Supreme Tree Experts a must-have service for Southern California properties. Caring for trees and overall landscaping of  your estate is absolutely necessary when it comes to keeping your property in line with standards of your community.

Tree maintenance is especially burdensome if your estate isn’t your primary daily residence or if you simply don’t know how to care for your trees. Hiring the wrong tree care company, or attempting to do the work yourself, can prove extremely costly and sometimes even dangerous. That’s why Supreme Tree Experts offers a reliable & local estate tree care service in Orange & LA County!

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Southern California’s Trusted Estate Tree Care Experts

We pride ourselves on offering the premiere Estate tree care service is one of our specialties! Countless local estate owners trust us with the maintenance of their property, especially if they don’t live there year-round. Trees are our passion and maintaining them really allows us to pay attention to individual tree details as well as the overall tree canopy. 

At every job, you can expect one of our ISA certified arborists overseeing every detail to make sure your trees are treated with care and that the job gets done right the first time. 

Estimates are free! Give us a call or fill out the form to schedule a time for one of our estimators to come by and provide you with a detailed and accurate estimate. You can also text us an image of your tree(s) and we can try our best to provide you with a price estimate.

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Benefits of Estate Tree Care Service & Maintenance

An Estate tree care service is absolutely necessary for various safety, law, and aesthetic reasons. Here’s a list of benefits of maintaining your estate’s trees, at least once a year.


Property Appearance & Value

  • Your neighbors can sue to make you cut your tree’s branches if your tree encroaches onto your neighbor’s property, even if no damage has been done to their property.
  • Trees and shrubs that are not maintained can make your estate appear unpleasant and unapproachable, which can be a huge downside if you’re trying to sell  it.
  • Keeping up with your tree maintenance can maintain your property value or increase it, which can be a great thing to consider when selling your home.
  • A beautiful property is easily associated with a stunning lawn that has lovely blooming flowers and green-green grass. Failing to maintain your trees can result in limited sunlight to your grass and ground cover, resulting in a dull, brown lawn.

Maintain Tree health

  • Not many estate owners acknowledge that their trees need to be cared for and properly nourished to flourish, especially if you don’t live at your estate. Here are a few things that are included in our tree maintenance service:
    • Pruning (trimming) – scroll down to see the types of pruning we offer.
    • Mulching
    • Fertilizing
    • Cabling
    • Soil management
    • Root management
  • Estate tree care service also encourages healthy tree growth and reduction/removal of tree diseases.

Enhance View

  • If you look out your window and notice that your property is starting to feel too “closed in” it’s time for a trim.

Allow for More Sunlight

  • It can get pretty hot in Southern California, but having just the right amount of sunlight pouring in is actually a good thing. It allows light into your home, reducing the amount of powered light you use. It allows grass and flowers to get enough sunlight to keep your property looking beautiful.
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Estate Tree Care Service FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on Estate Tree Care Service

My Tree Fell on my Neighbor’s Property when I Wasn’t There. Who is Liable?

If your tree falls on your neighbor’s property, then you may think you’re liable, however, that is not always the case. If your healthy tree fell on your neighbor’s property due to an act of nature, such as a hurricane, tornado, storm, etc, then you won’t be responsible. In this scenario, your neighbor MUST submit a claim to their insurance company immediately in order for their insurance to take care of any damages.

On the other hand, if a homeowner is removing a tree from their property without any professional help and their tree falls on their neighbor’s property, then that homeowner is liable. Also, if a homeowner’s tree is dying, infected, leaning over, etc, and it falls on a neighbor’s property, then that homeowner will be liable.

What Do I Do If My Neighbor’s Branches Are Overhanging On My Estate? Can I Cut Them?

It’s incredibly annoying when your neighbor’s trees are overhanging on your property and are making a mess! If this is the case, then you have the right to cut any branches that are extending over to your property. However, you are responsible for the cost of ANY cutting of branches, even if it isn’t your tree. You can only cut branches up to your property line.

Can I Do My Own Estate Tree Care?

Of course, you can!

But keep in mind that, if you do your own your tree maintenance, then you are responsible for any damages done to your property or neighbor’s property. This is why it’s a little risky if you cut braches or try removing big branches, or even the whole tree. Trees need to be pruned (trimmed/cut) at certain angles, seasons and with certain tools. Many estate owners who don’t check up on or live at their property use our estate tree care service for the reason of avoiding any lawsuits.

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“Great service! They cleaned my lot when they were done!”

Terry S.Tree Removal - Anaheim, CAGoogle

“These guys are not cheap, but they do a great job and are capable of working in a high-end garden without destroying it.”

D. DelangePalm Tree Trimming - Corona Del Mar, CAGoogle

“Amazing job! We were very satisfied with the service Supreme provided us. The whole process was easy from start to finish. Would highly recommend them”

Eli M.Tree Trimming - Santa Ana, CAGoogle

“I’ve used Supreme Tree Experts a number of times and have always been happy with the work done! Work was completed on schedule and the crew was very polite and on time. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a knowledgeable tree service”

Angie F.Tree Trimming - Santa Ana, CAYelp

“Temis really knows what he is doing.  He is a tree expert.  He and his team came out to trim a very troublesome large tree and another average sized tree for us. They showed up on time, they were extremely professional and did an incredible job.  Temis who is a certified arborist supervised the entire job.  They cleaned up and put everything back the way they found it.  We are very pleased with the job Temis and his team did for us.  Thank you for doing such wonderful work.  I highly recommend and will be using them for ongoing maintenance and future tree trims.”

Anna L.Tree Trimming - Los Angeles, CAYelp

“I was really happy with Temis when he came to the house and looked at my tree situation.  We had a huge tree break during a wind storm and he had the guys out a few days later to pull the tree and all of the roots. Huge Job and reasonably priced. His guys were very friendly and did a great job.”

Dutch S.Emergency Tree Service - San Juan Capistrano, CAYelp

“Supreme Tree is an excellent company to hire! They were great with what I was looking for. Do you self a favor and hire a company that is beyond capable of meeting your needs! Thanks, Supreme Tree Experts!!”

Dulce G.Tree Service - Huntington Beach, CAYelp

“Apo was very professional and provided more than asked. His crew did a great job at cleaning up my tree removal. I would highly recommend and will contract him for future work!”

Vince D.Tree Removal - Huntington Beach, CAYelp

“This is my second time using Supreme Tree Experts. I’ve mainly had trees removed and can speak to their service with that but also See first hand how they sculpt my neighbor’s large trees. Professional, the cleanup and they understand how to properly shape a tree.”

Matt C.Tree Removal - Costa Mesa, CAYelp

“SUPREME…. Supreme Tree Experts have cared for our third of an acre property (large trees and shrubs) for several years.  They are true professionals, lace and trim trees expertly…No top/chop and go here. Their clean up is amazing and carefully done.  The crew is efficient and gets work done in a timely manner. I highly recommend! Thank you Hernan for the fine job!”

Nancy S.Tree Removal - Huntington Beach, CAYelp

“Needed a Queen palm removed from our front yard. Was quoted from other companies quite a bit of money and a few weeks lead time. With Supreme Tree I was happy with the quote amount and they could do it within a few days!! Said they would be on sight by noon to remove it and I came home at 12:30 to find a couple of guys cleaning up, no palm!! Couldn’t be happier about it and would highly recommend them.”

Jody S.Palm Tree Removal - Mission Viejo, CAYelp

“Supreme’s crew just removed a 100′ tall, 55-year-old ash tree from our front yard and did a “supreme” job.  It took 3 days including stump grinding.  They were on-time, on-cost, no property damage, and good safety procedures evident.  They left the work-site clean and ready for re-planting.  I recommend them!”

Richard P.Tree Removal - Costa Mesa, CAYelp

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