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woodland hills tree service companyWoodland Hills Tree Service LocationsWoodland Hills a very hot city located in the western Santa Monica mountains in Los Angeles, California. The San Fernando Valley is known for its incredibly hot temperatures and heavy winds. Woodland Hills Tree Service is usually required in this region of the world due to the close proximity of neighbors, close property lines and the enormous size of local trees. Most of the trees we service have their own unique needs, many are on city property and need to have special permits before you can help these trees. Please contact the city for the permits before requesting service, clearly this will speed up the entire Woodland Hills Tree Service process. Now that the basics are covered and you have permission to service, remove or trim your trees, what types of trees do you have and when do you need them serviced? We offer Woodland Hills Tree Removal, Woodland Hills Palm Tree Skinning, and Woodland Hills Tree Trimming. Did you need a large boom truck, hard to reach areas and difficult understanding of which trees are in season and out of season? Don’t worry , we can help.
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What kind of trees do we work most often with in Woodland Hills? Great Question!

Ash Trees

Ash trees almost on a cone shape when younger and open-up when older. Usually they are dark green and in the fall they become orange/yellow in the fall. These trees are known for their resistance to wind burn and can handle hot/dry climates, a perfect fit for Woodland Hills. Recently Ash trees have being affected by the Emerald Ash Borer killing hundreds of millions of Ash in North America. Woodland Hills Tree Removal.


Cedar and Ash are extremely large and are usually some of the oldest trees in the area. We do not recommend working with these trees as falling is still the number one cause of injury with tree trimming, did we mention the Cedar is covered with needles? Yes, Cedars are known for their bluish green needles approximately 1″-2″, once they dry out – around tree trimming time this tree is not easy to handle. They love dry hot weather, a main reason they fit in so well in the San Fernando Valley.


These trees are originally from Africa and grow abundantly in the wild. These trees are known for their ornamental purposes which are vibrant in the fall.

Golden Rain Tree

Golden rain trees are best known for their open-branched canopy that is excellent for shade. These trees have moderate growing and can reach up to 30 ft. high and 35 ft. wide. Due to their bloom, it is best to prune Golden Rain trees in the winter while dormant.


Also known as Coast Redwoods and native to California, Redwoods are the tallest trees on earth. Redwoods are best-suited in large properties but can also grow in average size yards. It is important to keep certain cautions in mind if you have a tree in your yard or thinking of planting one, due to their large form it is recommended for Redwoods to be properly pruned to avoid any damage to your property.


Junipers come in different forms and therefore play different roles in the backyard and can be either trees or shrubs. Junipers are planted because they’re tough trees that are resistant to most environments and soils, drought tolerant and are hard to kill. Their awl shaped leaves are prone to pest and most homeowners seek to remove them to avoid any visits from rats and raccoons.

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