Tree Care Experts | Top 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford Not to Call the Tree Care Experts.

1. Tree Trimming & Removal Can Turn Into a Ugly DIY Project

  • Have you ever tried cutting your own hair? Usually the outcome is disastrous and unpleasant. In the same way, when thinking about trimming or removing trees on your property, you should leave it to professionals to figure out the proper techniques to keep your landscape looking beautiful and healthy.

2. Save Worries, Relax

  •  We’re Licensed and Insured. Most importantly, there is always someone to answer your questions.

3. Going the Cheaper Route May End up Costing You More 

  • By trying to save some bucks and hiring the cheaper company, you might end up with butchered, dead or ugly trees. Even worse, by hiring an unprofessional, unqualified company you have the risk of getting your property damaged.

4.Prevent Lawsuits Against You 

  • Trimming and removing trees have legal risk few people might be aware of. For example, there could be legal problems from a neighbor if one of your trees fall on their home or if the roots of your tree damage their foundation.

5. Protect Your Home 

  • Top-heavy, overgrown trees are one of the main reasons why trees fall over or break during windy and rainy seasons. It is not always easy to notice all problems affecting your trees, so let a professional evaluate your trees for what it may really need. Don’t let your trees fall over tomorrow, Call us today.

Tree Care Experts – Operating Since 1985.

Professional Tree Care ServicesTree Care Experts, operating since 1985. We are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured as required by law and maintain ISA pruning and horticultural standards. We hold ourselves to the highest customer service possible with a Satisfaction Guarantee. This is proven by having nearly 5 stars on our current reviews with Google+, Facebook and Yelp. We are fully equipped with trucks, chippers, stump grinders, 75-ft boom trucks, bobcats, and haulers to remove all debris. Whatever your needs, from tree trimming – natural thinning and shaping enhancing the beauty of your trees, large tree removals or 24 hour emergency tree response we can handle your needs. A healthy, well maintained urban forest enhances a beautiful landscape as well as added financial value to your commercial or residential property overall.  We serve multiple areas throughout Southern California.


Tree Care Experts | Residential & Commercial Tree Company

Our goal with tree care experts is to increase the beauty of your property by providing the best quality work in the area. We provide many different tree care services such as Tree Trimming, Palm Tree Trimming, Palm Tree Skinning, Large Tree Removals, Stump Grinding, Shaping & Shearing, Height Reduction and Tree Pruning.  If the trees on your property are overgrown or overhanging we can provide crown reduction to help contain the size of the tree and help keep them healthy every season.


  • Tree Trimming

  • Palm Tree Skinning

  • Tree Removal

  • Shaping & Shearing

  • Emergency Tree Service

  • Estate Tree Service

  • Large Tree Removals

  • Seasonal Tree Maintenance

  • Tree Height Reduction

  • Tree Pruning

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