Tree Evaluations Arborist Report

Tree Evaluations Arborist Report

The Tree Evaluations Arborist Report involves the hiring of an ISA Certified Arborist to visit a site and evaluate a tree or multiple trees. There is a minimum fee for the visit, which includes travel time and one hour on site for information collection.

Additionally, the report is a separate charge from the site visit fee, usually starting at $600 minimum. A price can usually be quoted at the time of the site visit for the report generation.

This is a CHARGED Tree Evaluation Arborist Report, we still offer FREE Tree Trimming Estimates.

This Service and the Report Associated with it are usually Requested for:

•    Determining tree overall health, insect and disease identification and correction methods.
•    Identify potential risks and establishing risk management practices.
•    Establishing liability for potential court proceedings.
•    Tree appraisal and valuation services.
•    Municipalities may require a report for construction work or existing tree protection.