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Residential Tree Shaping and LacingTree Height Reduction is a percentage of the total tree height, with an equal and proportional reduction in the complete crown width. When your needs a tree height reduction there are many things to consider. Overall the ability to thin and trim a tree proportionally has a lot to do with its height reduction and time of season. The practice of tree topping or the indiscriminate removal of most of a tree’s canopy is perhaps the most destructive thing one can do to a tree. Tree lacing is dealing with the dead, dying and crowded branches on your properties inner tree sections.

Canopy Volume Reduction

Canopy Volume Reduction is quoted as a percentage of the total outermost canopy within the small branch and twig area. Tree Height Reduction is to keep the main shape of the tree, from which all new growth will develop.


Progressive Crown Reduction and Thinning

Tree Height Reduction

Progressive crown reduction and thinning is adopted when the tree does not have sufficient energy stored to withstand a large reduction. Undertaking the reduction in several stages allows the tree to recover and send out new shoots below the first cut, enabling the second cut or target cut to have growth already in place for the final cut to help recovery. Crown Lifting is the removal of all branches from the trunk up to an agreed height.

Overhang Removal

Overhang Reduction

Overhang Removal as Reduction

Overhang removal is the reduction of excessive ‘reach’ of branches while keeping the silhouette of the tree in balance. This usually requires boom trucks, safety equipment and can be challenging for a non-professional, come see the Supreme Tree Experts professional services. LEAVE THE THIS JOB TO THE PROFESSIONALS, as falling is the number one injury in tree trimming.


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