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Yearly Tree Maintenance and Seasonal Tree Maintenance is species driven by tree, and by seasonal schedules. These schedules impact overall tree health and seek to reduce or eliminate hazardous conditions, creating piece of mind for you, your clients, and your property. The notorious Santa Ana winds have many of our clients engaging with us for our Seasonal Tree Maintenance. Most are well aware that we have limited warning when these winds are coming, sometimes reaching hurricane force with speeds of 50-80 MPH. Many trees are trimmed in the fall/winter and some are trimmed in the spring/summer cycle.

Trees are similar to people, we are all different and have various needs throughout the year. It would be a disservice for any Certified Tree Professional to tell you all trees are taken care of at the same time. We tend to remove trees separately from trimming trees, generally conducting the removals after all pruning is complete to make sure we do not spread a pest or pathogen to healthy trees. Seasonal Tree Management takes the guess work out of when is the proper time to trim a particular tree, ensures overall forest health, and maintains site safety through judicious management of your urban forest.


Seasonal Tree Maintenance

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Most insect attacks and diseases are always a problem for shrubs and trees. To protect their health, they need periodic fertilization, special soil additives and pest control sprays. Moreover, the bigger your yard and the more trees and shrubs you have on it the more costly the treatments.

Seasonal Tree Maintenance Removal

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Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree or shrub because it no longer pleases the eye or has become a practical nuisance. Removal Costs depend on the size, condition and location of the trees or shrubs. Most shrubs require just good strength and hand tools to remove. Larger shrubs may require a chainsaw and other mechanical equipment to cut and remove them. Tree removal may require cutting limbs and branches with a chainsaw before the whole tree can be taken down. There are also additional costs of stump removal, log cutting and wood chipping.

Seasonal Tree Maintenance Planning

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Your yard can look neat and healthy throughout the year with regular tree and shrub maintenance, and it need not cost a fortune. Supreme Tree Experts are Certified Arborists and can evaluate your foliage, recommend particular tree and shrub treatments, provide a trimming and treatment schedule and suggest whether a tree or shrub should be removed. Based on this evaluation, you can plan and budget for tree and shrub maintenance accordingly. Yearly Tree Maintenance, Seasonal Tree Maintenance, Trees and shrubs require seasonal pruning and trimming. The size, type and density of the trees.



Yearly Tree Maintenance